There are multiple ways that you can engage with TNWL 2019. Here are some of the main ways you can join the movement!
PRAY  Join us as we lift the event up to the Lord in prayer.
SERVE  No matter your age or physical ability level, we have a project for you. Scroll down at the bottom of this page to register to serve. Everyone who registers by September 6th is guaranteed a free T-Shirt!
LEAD  One of our greatest needs is for people to step up to the plate and volunteer to become a Project Leader. Project Leaders work directly with the TNWL Leadership Team to help organize the details of their project and then they are present on-site the day of to organize, encourage and see the project through to its completion.
Contact us here!
GIVE  To serve on this scale requires financial support. We have a generous donor who has faithfully supported this event, but would love to see others join in the effort. The more resources we have, the larger the impact we can make for the Kingdom of God.
TELL  Spread the news of the event! People in our community are hungry to serve. The single biggest obstacle to making this event grow is awareness. Share the information with your friends, family, co-workers and church!