Animal Shelter – Facility Cleanup / Dog Walking

Area Agency on Aging – Outdoor cleanup / Landscaping / Clean out gutters

Bright Horizons – Painting kitchen and cupboards inside the emergency shelter and yard work.

City of Norfolk – Yard cleanup for a local elderly person needing help maintaining their lawn.

Elkhorn Valley Museum – Clean the Dederman schoolhouse, Dederman cabin and Verges cave.
Pick up trash and large branches at Verges Park.

Liberty Centre/Clubhouse – Paint front curb – Yellow paint white cement base of Liberty Centre
sign. Wash windows inside & out. Detail & wash vehicles. Clean up flower bed/landscaping.

Liberty Centre/Park Place – Paint a bedroom & bathroom, wash windows inside and out on a
two story home. Detail and wash van & minivan. Clean up flowerbeds, landscaping and gardening.

Mosaic – Landscaping at residential facility.

Norfolk Art Center – Outdoor yard cleanup & Indoor facility cleanup

Norfolk Public Library – General outdoor cleanup: litter pickup around the building, including
Warren Cook Park.

Norfolk Public Schools – Painting the trim on the Alternative Learning Building directly behind
the High School.

Salvation Army – Design & build wooden cubbies for classroom to hold toys, books, etc. for
toddlers & young children’s classroom.

Salvation Army – Design & build freestanding audio & sound equipment booth for church to
house computers, screens, sound board & media equipment.

Salvation Army – Power Wash & wipe down dining room tables & chairs.

Salvation Army – Restripe Parking spaces in the parking lot. 

Veterans Home – Cleaning courtyards and weeding flower beds in 5 courtyards




The Arc – Stuff envelope packets and stamp for Honey Sunday

Norfolk Schools – Create a “thank you” care package for every teacher and school worker in
every school in Norfolk.