If my church is not a participating church, can I still volunteer and participate?
Absolutely!  For a wide variety of reasons, there are many churches unable to “officially” become a participating church.  The Body of Christ is bigger than any individual church, and our desire is to bring the larger body together as we serve.  So no matter your church home, you are welcome to serve with us!
I’m having trouble registering online, what do I do?
Don’t give up on us!  Please call 402.371.5609 for help with registration.
I’m not a Christian, but I would still like to serve and show some love to my community, can I still participate?
You better believe it!  While this event is designed to bring local churches and followers of Jesus together in a united effort to serve, we won’t stop anyone from joining with us in our effort to love and serve our community.  There is no  religious test to serve, we are looking for people with hearts ready and willing to show some love to Norfolk Nebraska.
Do you have participant T-Shirts available?
We sure do!  Our shirts are awesome and have the TNWL logo on them.  T-Shirts will be available on a first come first serve basis on event day at the registration and opening celebration.  In order to guarantee a shirt of the correct size, you must register at least 2 weeks in advance.   
I’ve got kids, can they participate?
Yes, bring them with you!  When it comes to serving our community, the more hands the better!  Plus, every child needs to learn that it is indeed truly better to give than to receive.  Please be advised that during the duration of the project their supervision and direction will be completely the responsibility of the supervising parent/guardian.